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A click and collect store for your practice.

With the rise of the internet having a webshop is a must.  Clients expect to be able to access your products 24 hours a day and our webshop solution allows you to easily provide this service.  Our click and collect model avoids expensive courier charges and the client can collect whenever is convenient for them.  This also drives footfall through the practice.  You are free to select which product ranges and what mark-up to apply to the products offered for sale.  Any orders are sent direct to your wholesaler and the products arrive next day with your normal wholesaler delivery.  We have surgeries with webshops turning over more than £60,000 annually with much higher food sales than average.


Why is a webshop so important?

Despite the recession ecommerce or selling online has grown steadily within the UK. Many people now expect to be able to purchase from their trusted brands online. By providing your clients with a practice webshop they can browse through your products in the leisure of their own home. You can recommend more diets that you sell without needing to stock them. Our Web Shop is fully responsive so mobile and tablet users can buy with ease.

Increase footfall and business

The “click and collect” store encourages clients to return to your practice regularly allowing a relationship to be built for further sales to be made. Food sales make up a small proportion of most veterinary practices income, however, with 90% of clients wanting a food recommendation from their vet it is a missed sales opportunity. A webshop allows an easier way to sell more food without having to stock large volumes.

Increase Sales

A VetSite Webshop allows you to keep food sales within the practice without having to keep a large stock on the shelves.

Unlock Internet Sales

Our webshop is the key to internet success allowing you to easily provide a webshop to your clients.

Target Audience

VetSite’s page layouts have been designed with mobile devices in mind. No matter how you use it, and no matter how you view it, your vet practice’s webshop is going to look great.

Worry Free

The VetSite team will be updating and improving your webshop for years to come. Keeping it at the forefront of internet design and functionality.  Our secure UK servers keep your site fast and safe.

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